Harrison Lake Hotel, 190 Lillooet Ave, Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia,

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About Us

A Pleasant Experience

When you arrive in our store, we want you to feel welcome to browse and enjoy.   Let us know if there is anything we can do to help, or book your spa appointment

Creative Designs

90% of everything in our Boutique is made by local Artisans.  We have great pride in supporting them, and we are honored to have their creations in our store.

Spa Pampering

We offer a relaxing spa experience, since we are a holiday destination.  Wether it is a pedicure, manicure, gel nails, lashes or massage, you will leave here feeling pampered.

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Our customers are the best part of our day! Please call us with any questions, or come in for a visit.

The Living Room Boutique and Spa

190 Lillooet Avenue, Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada

604-796-5555 ext 113